About Itqan Pharma

ITQAN is a modern pharmaceutical manufacturing company built to surpass the most astringent regulation for good manufacturing practice, and operating from Jordan one of most stable countries in a region where the health sector is in high demand and growth, with a geographical advantage of being at the center of the middle east, which facilitate market access to major countries. ITQAN is committed to improve the health and quality of life

Manufacturing site

As a first stage ITQAN has established a modern manufacturing site compiling and surpassing current GMP regulation, and in this site, we have a high capacity production lines which are capable of producing

  • solid oral dosage forms including tablet, capsules, soft gel capsules and sachets
  • oral liquids
  • and semi solids

Management and Affiliation

ITQAN chairman is an entrepreneur with a long experience in the pharmaceutical industry, during which the chairman was able to established a number of manufacturing site through MENA, ASIA and Europe, and ITQAN is part of this network which gives ITQAN logistical and commercial advantage, and more option to penetrate targeted markets.


ITQAN main operation at the first stage will concentrate on penetrating ME and African market, currently we are providing contract manufacturing services to our partners in both Jordan and Iraq markets, more over we will be launching our products in Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Sudan in the year 2020


Itqan Pharma Site Approval

Since the completion of the first stage manufacturing site we have actively started the approval process of the site with a number of the health authorities in the region.

ITQAN manufacturing site has the following approval

  • Jordan JFDA
  • Iraq MOH
  • Yemen MOH
  • Sudan MOH
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